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Over 30 years home related experience

Realtors...   Ever lose a sale because of an inspection report.  I did, but only once.  I lost a couple sales after a report because the report uncovered issues the seller was not willing to address and the cost of repair made the home worth less than our offer.  One time I lost a sale "because of the report" when an Inspector wanted to feel "Important" and part of the transaction.  He made a big deal of relatively small maintenance items in an effort to show the scope of his knowledge.

As a former Realtor I can assure you that I know my place.  Everyone wants to transfer a safe home.  Safety issues are ALMOST the only issues that are ever going to be of major concern.  Other issues are "To Be Monitored", or "Plan for Regular Maintenance" or "You Should Be Aware of".  

My goal is to make your life easier.  You, may not need a licensed professional to replace a valve seat or to tighten a hand rail.      This is a decision between you and your client.  

Here are some of the Designations or Certifications I received during my 18 years as a Realtor;

  • Professional Code of Ethics
  • Certified Energy Auditor
  • Environmental & Hazardous Property Inspection
  • Disclosure of Stigmatized Property
  • Home Inspection Issues
  • Home Building from the Ground Up (by Richmond Homes)
  • Fair Housing
  • Council of Residential Specialists   CRS
  • Certified Distressed Property Expert   CPDC
  • Sustainable Building Practices   GREEN
  • Investment Property Specialist    OICP
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist    SRES

Personal experience;

​I have remodeled kitchens, finished basements, poured foundations and flat work.  I have done roofing, built additions, installed skylights, wood stoves, facia, soffet, and more.  Put my knowledge to work for you.


Reality Check Inspections

 Inspectors do a great job for Realtors, buyers and sellers.  A good inspection is the best way to assure everyone of the CURRENT condition of the subject property.  The inspection can help a buyer plan for routine maintenance issues and bring attention to major or important issues (usually safety issues) that might need to monitored or remedied.  The inspection can give the seller time to notify their insurance agent in some cases i.e.; a roof damaged by hail, wind or other issues that may be warranted. The seller can contact the appropriate persons, save the sale and MIGHT not acquire any out of pocket expense.

I am a graduate of AHIT school of home inspection and a proud member of

ASHI, American Society Of Home Inspectors

Qualities of ASHI Home inspectors; Principled, Ethical, Honorable, Truthful, Lawful

Reality Check provides an Observation of Condition without Bias or Emotion